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(Under 13,15,17)


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(Singles, Doubles)


We are proud to introduce the new player’s ranking point system that started in 2017!

The purpose of the player’s ranking point system is to increase the competitiveness and participation among badminton players in Singapore (from junior players to senior players). The player’s ranking system will also be used to seed the players in tournaments organised or affliated to Zenith Badminton Academy in the future.

Players will accumulate their ranking points by participating in the tournaments and the points allocation for the ranking system with the explanation of the whole system can be found on the link below:

Below is a list of tournaments that were organised by ZBA to compute the player’s ranking points:
Zenith Internal Competition – 11th December 2016
Smash-IT March Tournament – 18th March 2017
Xcite Volano Tournament 2017 – 14th October 2017

Click on the link below to view the player’s ranking points for the categories listed below:

1) Men’s Singles
2) Men’s Doubles
3) Women’s Singles
4) Women’s Doubles
5) Mixed Doubles
6) Veteran Men’s Doubles
7) U12 Boy’s Singles
8) U12 Girl’s Singles
9) U17 Boy’s Singles
10)U17 Girl’s Singles

Should you have any queries regarding the ranking system that is not stated in the rules, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Khoo at 94792609 or Coach Hong Hui at 92950480. Train hard; fight hard to be one of the top few powerhouses in Zenith’s records!!